May 23, 2016

About Us

Le Courdz GPS is 1a subsidiary of the Group, LE COURDZ INVESTMENTS. Le Courdz GPS offers vehicle security solutions in the form of GPS tracking device and alarm installation & management. We seek to secure your assets! Le Courdz GPS (Car Tracking) is a company which seeks to provide a simple and personalized vehicle, fleet management services to individuals and companies.

Our services include:

-Car GPS tracking

-Device installation and fleet management

-Support Services

-Car alarm installation


With our GPS tracking devices, you can, on phone , laptop and tablet do the following using SMS or internet data; -Monitor the location of your vehicle(s) -Save more on a personalized vehicle management approach if you wish -Deactivate car in case of insecurity at a parked place or when car is stolen -Create a Geo-fence in which vehicle is allowed to move.