January 18, 2017

Executive Summary

Le Courdz GPS offers TRACKEX, a Fleet Tracking/Monitoring system. TRACKEX is an advanced Fleet Monitoring System with a versatile scope of function offering more than just a standard GPS Tracking system. TRACKEX comes as a very pro-security system with great efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. Installation and management of TRACKEX is cost efficient hence, eliminates the stress and high cost involved in managing most GPS tracking devices and services.  As a joint partnership between Le Courdz GPS and companies in Europe, America and Asia, we are endowed with the much needed expertise and competent technicians and engineers. LE COURDZ GPS is able to customize, expand and successfully deploy on any vehicle. TRACKEX is an automotive localization system using GPS and GSM-SMS services.

The system permits localization of the automobile and transmitting the position to the owner/manager’s phone/computer/tablet accessible in an app, website, SMS and other means. As a result of continuous improvement over the years, LE COURDZ GPS offers quick installation for every facility with a dedicated communication line with our staff in case of any needed support. Our management system is absolutely user-friendly and can be learned within a few minutes. Data can be accessed instantly and easily by just a click on phone, personal computer (laptop and desktop) or tablet. Alerts are also received together with reports and any useful information required within the scope of the management of this device.

LE COURDZ GPS offers support after sales. Device is very durable and rigid. Therefore you are guaranteed.